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  • Mural done by our Elder and students

    Mural done by our Elder and students


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  • Our Elders

    Our Elders

    Elder Francis Whiskeyjack showed students how to prepare a moose nose.  First he used a torch to singe the hair off the nose and then he used a knife to scrape the hair off ( this was done a few times ).  Then he carefully cut the meat into chunks.  This meat will be used in a stew and served to Elders during a feast.


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  • Athletics


    amiskwaciy Academy offers opportunities in many sports including:



    Ball Hockey

    There is also many recreational sports and intramual activies involving student athletics/sports.

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    amiskwaciy Academy was designed to offer exciting enrichment programming for junior high and high school students in a respectful, safe environment. At amiskwaciy, we recognize that all beings are connected and our teaching styles and learning opportunities reflect this belief. Our Elder’s teachings, our community partners, family involvement, and a committed teaching staff provide a holistic learning environment.

    We believe at Amiskwaciy Academy that our school philosophy is demonstrated best through our harmonious communal approach to learning.

    amiskwaciy Academy offers exciting programming in a respectful, safe environment for Grades 7 to 12. We take a communal approach to learning, with our Elders, community partners, families and committed teaching staff providing a holistic learning environment.

    Our students come from across Edmonton and surrounding areas as well as from First Nations communities and Métis settlements throughout Western Canada and the Northwest Territories. Most are First Nations, Métis or Inuit, but we welcome students of all cultures. We teach the Medicine Wheel and, in addition to our academic programming, offer CTS programs such as Cosmetology, Construction Technology, and Foods and Fashion Studies. Through our community partnerships we provide hot breakfast and lunch programs, family support and the University of Alberta Community Service-Learning program.


    We believe:

    • That all beings are connected
    • That partnerships with post-secondary, businesses and community agencies are essential to support our youth academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually
    • In encouraging student leadership

    Come visit us today

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  • Sweat Lodge - Aerial view

    Sweat Lodge - Aerial view

    Having a view of the Sweat Lodge from the roof

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  • Word Wall

    Word Wall

    A Cree Word Wall outside our Literacy and Numeracy Room

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  • Grand Opening participants

    Grand Opening participants

    Grand Opening participants in The Traditional room before the ceremony.  

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  • Sweat Lodge Grand Opening and the community partners

    Sweat Lodge Grand Opening and the community partners

    Sweat Lodge 

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  • Ribbon cutting at the Grand Opening

    Ribbon cutting at the Grand Opening

    Sweat Lodge 

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  • Keynote - Jelena Mrdjenovich

    Keynote - Jelena Mrdjenovich

    Jelena Mrdjenovich - WBC World female featherweight title and WBA World female featherweight title 

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  • Reading Area

    Reading Area

    Reading Area in our Literacy and Numeracy Room.

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  • Sweat Lodge

    Sweat Lodge

    Sweat Lodge - a community partnership with Stantec, Ledcor and many others

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…. Our Path …. Our Life …. Our Spirit 

This vision of amiskwaciy Academy is to honour the Aboriginal community and reflect its cultures, values, ancestral knowledge and traditions in achieving excellence in education.

amiskwaciy Academy will provide a meaningful and balanced curriculum, bringing together the uniqueness of Aboriginal cultures, knowledge and languages in a positive and quality educational setting.

This will be accomplished through the support of the Elders within the Aboriginal community.

amiskwaciy Academy is offering free Yellow Busing for grades 7 and 8 North of the river.  

2017/2018 School Fees

 Yellow Bus service information  /  EPSB Bus website 


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Principal's Message


At amiskwaciy Academy students are at the centre of our initiatives. What we plan for, work towards, and strive for is a community of forward thinkers.  Two full time Elder are on-site serving our school and community.  Students learn about Cree culture through the Morning Song, Traditional Teachings, Sweats and through classroom enrichment. We work hard at giving our students the tools to become a productive member of our society through the world of work or post-secondary education. As a community we work to remove barriers that would impede progress for our students. Please stop in and join us for breakfast followed by Morning Song that starts at  8:45 am daily.

hiy hiy,

Fred Hines