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Clubs & Activities

  • Beadwork
  • Regalia Making
  • Traditional Dancers
  • Media Arts (Podcasting, Video Production)
  • Travelling Drumming and Singing
  • Girl's Group: Powerful and Independent Women Series




At amiskwaciy there are many different activities, clubs and events with a wide array of interests to choose from. From the Rotary Club to Sports and Recreation, the Media Arts, Cultural Performances and Crafts and much more, students have plenty of opportunity to explore, learn ans share their talents and gifts.

Check out the audio and visual media produced right in the school!


THE EAGLE is the student newspaper which features student work, perspectives and life at amiskwaciy. Below this image of the front page of our last edition are the links to the pdf downloads of each edition this past school year (2014/2015) for your reading pleasure and interest:

the eagle final thumb

the eagle final edition June 2015

the eagle winter 2 edition

the eagle winter 1 edition


Here is a video film studies piece concieved of and produced by students at amiskwaciy. Subscribe to the channel in order to have access to more/upcoming video works.