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Clubs & Activities

  • Our Path …. Our Life …. Our Spirit 

    This vision of amiskwaciy Academy is to honour the Aboriginal community and reflect its cultures, values, ancestral knowledge and traditions in achieving excellence in education.

    amiskwaciy Academy will provide a meaningful and balanced curriculum, bringing together the uniqueness of Aboriginal cultures, knowledge and languages in a positive and quality educational setting.

    This will be accomplished through the support of the Elders within the Aboriginal community.

    amiskwaciy Academy is offering free Yellow Busing for grades 7 and 8 North of the river.  


  • Regalia Making
  • Traditional Dancers
  • Travelling Drumming and Singing
  • Girl's Group




At amiskwaciy there are many different activities, clubs and events with a wide array of interests to choose from. From the Rotary Club to Sports and Recreation, the Media Arts, Cultural Performances and Crafts and much more, students have plenty of opportunity to explore, learn ans share their talents and gifts.